Tuesday, April 6, 2010

what brings you to the next morning...

What I want to know
is what brings you to the next morning.
How you open one sleepy eye after the other,
part the Red Sea of your comfort and let the air,
graceless and obstinate, pull you into the day.
How you accept the hand that may offer either feather
or thistle. You ask for nothing, not a promise
or a warning or a little party celebrating your entrance,
and instead you heave your weariness from the room,
gather your limbs to the center, and rise.

Tell me what keeps you from plummeting backward.
Tell me on what hidden plume of air you allow yourself
that slim caesura of trust.
Tell me the story of your great impossible hope.
Tell me how your face tilts,
squinting for light.

more gorgeous words from maya stein.

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Maya Stein said...

oh little gypsy -

Thank you so much for posting my poem, and for your enthusiastic support of my writing in general. Your recent comments on my blog were just lovely. You make me blush...

my best to you,