Sunday, May 16, 2010


i went to the renegade craft fair yesterday in austin with my lovely friend suzannah.
i was surprised to come home empty handed but my heart was full of laughs and my belly was full of hey cupcake! so it was a worthwhile journey.

here are my favorites:
lucky me beads
McCheeks (i almost bought this tiny mug for $38 but refrained.)
clay wood + cotton (their card was even handmade from paper and old fabric.)
jules marie jewelry
lisa chow @ apt 3305
two guitars
katinka pinka
your secret admiral
rose + duke (adorable embroidered baby dresses.)
figs + ginger
viva zapata! (divine bags! i should have got one but forgot to go back to their booth.)
magnolia photo booth (the best part! free + complete with props! suzannah and i chose eye masks and moustaches.)

{thanks for a sparkly fun day, chicken!}

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