Thursday, March 31, 2011

I am a cherry red suitcase from the 1950s and I contain much life. I travel the world in search of discovery, learning, beauty, and enlightenment. I am covered in stickers of Ireland, Honduras, Mexico, and the States. I am constantly changing, for I know that once you have seen the world, you cannot ever be the same. I only get bigger, for I crave more with each passing trip. I do not have wheels; I do not take the easy cruise. I want it to be hard. I want it to be worth it. Sacrifice makes it good. It makes for memories. I love to exchange hands, always someone new to pack me up and carry me around. Let me see the world, I want to take it all in. My space is infinite and ready for filling. Open me up, let me see the sky. I want to see the mountains, let me feel the air, smell the flowers, drink the waters. I simply cannot be left dusty, in the attic, I will crumble, I will rust, and I will break. Let me get dusty in the desert of the Sahara, let me crumble in the Mammoth Caves, let me rust in the Caribbean, let me break in the back of a Safari jeep, but do not let me stay in the attic. I was created to assist. I was created to be taken out. I was created for the adventure. I must see, I must do, I must go. Take me with my set or take me alone--only take me.

i just discovered this sweet blog + love this post. it makes me want to travel + reminds me to live.

:i believe in unicorns:

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ashley in wonderland said...

aw how sweet! thank you deary :)