Thursday, April 23, 2009



you girls who are seeking
the great love, the great and terrible love
what has happened, girls?
perhaps time, time!
because now,
here it is, see how it passes
dragging the heavenly stones,
destroying flowers and leaves,
with a noise of foam lashed
against all the stones of your world,
with a smell of sperm and jasmine,
next to the bleeding moon!
and now
you touch the water with your little feet,
with your little heart
and you do not know what to do!
better are
certain night journeys,
certain compartments,
certain most amusing walks,
certain dances with no greater consequence
than to continue the journey!
die of fear or of cold,
or of doubt,
for I with my huge steps
will find her
within you
or far from you,
and she will find me,
she who will be fused
with me
in life or death!

~pablo neruda

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