Tuesday, April 28, 2009

spring fling.

last weekend, my mom and i towed my nephew along (we bribed him with pokemon cards!) to this wonderful indie arts + craft fair in ft. worth. there were over 100 booths overflowing with wonderful things. he was whining within seconds of our arrival but luckily i had a stash of pokemon magazines in my bag to appease him and the venue was pet-friendly and he found a cohort of furry friends along the way. the craft/handmade scene here in dallas is well-hidden so we were amazed to see what came out of the woodwork, so to speak. i wanted to buy something from every booth. here's what i got and a few of my favorite sellers:

time travel tea party, tefi designs, anahata goddess wraps, + parsimony.

we are so excited to make this next event:

and we are so inspired to get enough of our own projects together to maybe have a booth next year.

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screendoorslams said...

please remind me about the next show when it gets closer.