Saturday, June 13, 2009

10 things i &hearts about my nephew...

  1. when he laughs in his sleep.
  2. the way his eyes get big when he's excited about something.
  3. his precious little cheeks.
  4. little secret dimples that sprout when he smiles.
  5. his facial expressions when he's watching a movie.
  6. the sound of his infectious silly giggle.
  7. the way he says my name....tray-shee!!!...when he's ordering me around.
  8. his big brown sparklyeyes.
  9. the drawings he leaves behind after a visit.
  10. his wild, brilliant, + miraculous mind.

1 comment:

The Musician's Daughter said...

i think he is much more than your nephew...he IS your child.......he's so fortunate