Friday, June 5, 2009

how did i miss this?

i started reading patti digh's blog, 37 days, about 3 years ago. i bought one of her fabulous handmade calendars which arrived with a handwritten note...such a great personal touch. since then i have been constantly inspired, enriched, and refreshed by her charming and amazing perspective on life. this past year i have had the wonderful treat of corresponding with patti through email and facebook. i had planned to run/walk/crawl with her in the flying pig half marathon in Cincinnati this May but a teacher's salary doesn't always allow for such things to come to fruition. so, what did she do? sent me this awesome t-shirt and my own little medal! she is truly an inspiration to all who are lucky enough to cross her path. she has certainly been a light in my life. so imagine my delight when back in February, patti asked if she could use a photo of me that i posted on facebook...i had no idea that she did this with it until tonight! i am thrilled and tickled pink and flattered beyond belief!
i ♥ you, patti! if you haven't read her blog, by all means, don't waste another precious second and get one of these while you're at it. you'll be so glad you did.

Why 37 days? from Patti Digh on Vimeo

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