Friday, November 27, 2009

giving thanks...

this thanksgiving i am thankful for:
1. my beautiful mom who is so fun, easy going, understanding, and adorable.
2. my wild bouncy nephew who makes every moment blissful.
3. my crazy little sister, who makes me laugh even when she makes me mad.
4. my sweet friend, fritz!, who cracks me up until my face hurts.
5. having enough.
6. "management"~surprisingly hilarious and sweet
7. leftovers for days...
8. sunny, crisp weather and the smell of firewood
9. a clean kitchen
10. the apron i'm wearing in this picture...made by my mom. i really don't like pictures of myself which is why i don't post them here, but i do LOVE this apron and the smile on my face really captures how i felt all day on this Thanksgiving. :)


The Musician's Daughter said...

you are beautiful...thank your mom for that!

jaleta said...

Thank you for a fabulous Thanksgiving feast! Everything was delicious. What a fun day!