Monday, March 29, 2010

she tells the truth.

There have always been women who remember the old ways.
Women who hold within them the memory of time in the very beginning when women were honored. Women who refuse to please others by becoming smaller than they are. Women who take up space with their thoughts and feelings, their needs and desires, their anger and their dreams. Women from every age. Wild women. Spinster women. Wise women. Rebellious women. Women who love. Midwives. Witches. Healers. Activists. Women full of themselves, their ideas, their stories, their anger, their passion.
You who stand apart, come close. You who are out of touch, come near. They do not throw stones, instead they give you flowers and embrace you with joy.
They sing to you.

{i just found this in an old notebook. not sure where it came from.}

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