Sunday, March 14, 2010

write to write.

Write to write. Don’t say you’re a writer if you’re not writing. You’re not a writer, and who cares anyway, if you’re not writing. Even if you’re writing, don’t call yourself a writer. Say, instead, "I write." It's the verb that's important, not the noun. "I haven’t been able to write," people say to me all the time. "No, actually," I respond, "You have been able to write, but you have chosen not to." They usually walk away unhappy. We are always * ALWAYS * in choice. If you have a napkin and a pencil nub or a piece of dirt on a stick, you can write. Don’t let the "writer" take precedence over the "writing." Let go of outcome. Forget blog statistics and the endless "freebies" that have sprouted online. Why does your blog need to lead anywhere? What’s all this striving about? Don’t search endlessly for a book deal before you’ve even written anything. Go back to #2: sit the hell down and write. Sit alone with yourself and a piece of paper without thinking about an audience, your database, the best way to market using social media.

{wise words from the wonderful patti digh~read more here ; flickr photo here}

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